Bonus material?
  • I provide a lot of handy materials such as the map of Prague and Czech Republic, small pocket guide about history of Prague, my card that explain Czech history and Astronomical clock, some discounts for museums and shops, on driving tours water and small snack (local pastry) for all tours outside Prague, list of the best restaurants in Prague…
  • To help you to get the most from your time, I will show you some interesting historical pictures that helps you to understand our past.
Group or individual?

All tours are private. It is only you (group, individual) and me 🙂

How much?
  • All tours are private tours. It is the best way how to explore city, the best way for you to get the most from the tour. Please, support the local professional licensed guides, because only they can show you the beauty of the city and all its hidden gems
  • You can pay in EUR, CZK or USD (according to the current exchange rate)
  • As a bonus for all my clients – map of Prague, small pocket guide book about Prague,
  • Walking tour in Prague:
    1-3 persons 50 EUR per hour
    4-8 persons 55 EUR per hour
    bigger groups 60–70 EUR per hour
  • Tour by car with driver: + additional 35 EUR per hour
  • The price does not include:
    • entrance fees,
    • meal or snack during the tour.
  • The price includes:
    • guide,
    • driver (if the driving tour)
  • Tours – Czech Republic
    • the price includes: driver, car and all fuel, water and small snack (local pastry)
    • the price does not include entrance fees, meal
How long?
  • The tours is as long as you wish.
  • You will pay according how many hours you will spend with the guide.
  • It takes usually about 4-hours to show you the most important sights in the historical centre of Prague.
  • If you want to visit some interiors (such as Prague Castle or Jewish Town) it takes 1-3 hours more.
Walking or by car/tram?
  • The best way is to explore Prague by walking. Prague is one of the best cities for walking, all the monuments are walking distance. However, it can be difficult for those who have some walking difficulties. There are lots of cobblestones, so please wear comfortable shoes.
  • If you wish to explore Prague using car, we can use it more as a “taxi”. It still involves some walking though, since it is not possible to drive through all parts of the historical centre (Charles Bridge, Prague Castle, Old Town Square, etc.).
  • The walking pace depends on you! 🙂
Where we’ll meet?

The meeting point is always in the place that is the best for your. I recommend you to meet in the lobby of your hotel, at least on the first day of the tour. Of course, it is possible to meet in any place you wish!

What language?

English or, if you can, Czech

Quick Facts about Prague and Czech Republic
  • The population of Czech Republic is about 10,5 million.
    • That is only 0,14% of the total world population
  • The total land area of Czech Republic is 77,247 sq. Km or 29,814 sq. miles.
    • The country is slightly smaller than South Carolina.
  • The minorities in the Czech Republic are Slovaks, Poles and German.
    • There are also Vietnams – 0,3%.
  • The most dominated religion is the Roman Catholic.
    • However, it is only 10% of the population that join the Catholic Church. Czech Republic is the least religious country in the world (or least practicing religion).
  • The official language is Czech.
    • Czech is the West-Slavic language, closely related to Slovak, but also to Polish or Russian.
  • The official currency is Czech crown(koruna in Czech).
    • Koruna is mint since 1993 because of the split of Czechoslovakia.
  • The urban area of Prague is 496 or 192 sq. miles.
    • Prague is the 14th largest city in European Union.
  • The population of Prague is about 1,3 million.
    • Almost 2 million live in its larger urban zone.
  • Czech Republic has EU’s lowest unemployment rate.
    • Only 4,5% in 2016.
  • Czech Republic has the lowest poverty rate in EU.
    • Only 9% of the population.
  • Average income in Czech Republic is about 29 000 CZK per month.
    • The minimum wage is 9900 CZK per month.
  • The average old age pension in 2017 is 11 400 CZK per month.
    • Retire age is 65.
  • 7,07 million of people visited Prague in 2016.
    • That is 460 000 more than in 2015.


Some Funny Facts about Czechs
  • Prague people are called Praguers – Pražáci in Czech.
  • Czechs love pets – they have almost 2 million dogs.
    • So, 18 dogs for every 100 people. And cats, they love them too, even it is only 1 million of them.
  • Czechs are the biggest consumers of the beer.
    • That’s about 155 litres of beer per capita per year. It is not that bad!
  • About 1800 people commit suicide every year.
    • Most of them on Monday.
  • Czech Republic has 9458 km of the railways and 164 tunnels.
    • We love trains!
  • Czech Republic has 1225 km of highways … some of them took to built almost 30years 🙂
  • The third nationality that made it to space, after US and Russia, was Czechoslovakia.
    • It was an astronaut Vladimír Remek.
  • Prague pneumatic tube is the world’s last preserved pneumatic mail system.
    • It is  situated under the wider centre of Prague, with about 55 kilometres (34 mi) in length.
  • Czech Republic dominates in the production and trade of the global poppy seed market. 
    • The best goes with cakes, dumplings or sweet noodles.
  • Hockey pucks are made in Czech Republic
    • Produced by two companies: Gufex and Robena. Their pucks are used in NHL, Olympic Games, World Championship etc.
  • Škoda Auto is one of the five oldest companies producing cars.
    • Established in 1895
  • The largest stadium in the world is  Strahov Stadium in Prague
    • Closed, can hold 220 000 spectators.
  • Prague is among the top 100 cities with the worst traffic.
    • That’s why we all use public transport and walk everywhere.
  • Czech Republic has almost 300 breweries.
    • Producing more than 20 mil. hectolitres of beer every year.
  • Czech Republic holds the 4th place from all European Union in smoking.
    • That is 2000 cigarettes per person per year.