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WW2 sites in Prague

Edgar Krása, one of the survivors of the Nazis concentration camps, died in February 2017. As he had mentioned in one of the interviews, “It won’t be long before there won’t be anybody left who can tell this.” That’s why he dedicated the last years of his life to traveling and talking about his experiences from the WW2. And he… Read More

Prague’s survivor guide

What to do and not to do while in Prague? Nevertheless, keep in mind that Prague is a beautiful city full of amazing people and wonderful places to see 🙂 It’s good to know, however, what to avoid so you won’t spend more or get cheated.  Need to exchange money? Since 2004 Czech Republic is a member of the European… Read More

Christmas in Prague

There is no doubt Christmas is the most beloved time of the year for almost everybody. And to make this time even more precious, many of us like to travel to experience a “winter wonderland” in various parts of the world. And many of us (you) make it to Prague as well. Well, what to see in Prague on Christmas… Read More

Karlovy Vary – spa and crystal city

A spa town unique in many ways, Karlovy Vary, founded by the Emperor Charles IV in 14th century, are situated about 130 km west from Prague. Though its name might not seem familiar to you, there are many reasons to pay the visit. Drink the water and heal yourself Legend has it that in the forests near contemporary Karlovy Vary, Emperor Charles IV found… Read More

The Legacy of Charles IV.

Father of the Homeland, the greatest Czech, or just simply the Emperor Charles IV. Walking through Prague it is almost impossible not to “encounter” him or his legacy at least. As the Czech king and the Emperor of Holy Roman Empire, he still is an icon of Prague, Czechs and the whole country. But why? Charles was born in 1316 to John of Luxembourg… Read More

Place of WW2 outside Prague

Knowing the past is sometimes a pleasant adventure. But sometimes it makes an atrocious souvenir. Both are necessary, but the latter may unveil the corners of our history when we almost lost the faith in humanity, the WW2. More than 70 years have passed since the end of this event, and there are still sites that remind us how cruel a man can be. Let's take a look on the places in the Prague vicinity that are worth visiting. All in one day. Read More

Famous Czechs

It's the people who make the country great. It's the world who talks about them. Havel, Mucha, Dvořák, Kafka, Jágr and many more. For every epoch there is someone who we can be proud of. Do you know any of them? Let's take a closer look. Read More

Prague For the Lovers of Classical Music

Prague is without any doubt the city of classical music. So many great composers of our past made their way here, performed and always returned back. Read More