UNESCO Heritage site with the bone chapel church. Creepy? Only slightly!

Kutná Hora rivalled Prague thanks to the vast amount of silver discovered in its area. As much silver so the Czech king would become the richest man in Europe. Don’t you think? Kutná Hora produced almost one-third of all European production of silver in medieval times. Thanks to all of it, the small village, originally established by miners, became developed and preserved, so we can still admire some of its unique walls and buildings even today.

Let me take you for a nice walk through the narrow streets of Kutná Hora, and admire the beauty of St. Barbara Cathedral, Italian Court or Stone Fountain. If you dare we can even descend beneath and spend some time in the mines.

However, the main reason thousands of visitors make their way to Kutná Hora is the ossuary, known as the Bone Chapel – an underground chapel decorated by the bones of almost 40 thousand people. Don’t you believe?


  • Duration: approx.5-6 hours
  • Guiding service – personal licensed guide (me)
  • Comfortable car with A/C and professional driver

Not included:

  • Entrance fees are to be purchased during the tour
    • St. Barbara Cathedral, Bone Chapel and Santini Church (360CZK, there is a discount for students, seniors and families, so bring your ID)
  • Personal expenses


  • Walking (in Kutná Hora)
  • Private car with driver

What to bring:

  • Comfortable shoes (walking on cobblestones)
  • Umbrella (in case of rain, or to protect from sun)
  • Camera (to take photos)

Price: 370€/4pax