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The population of the Czech Republic is about 10,6 million (September 2019). So, it makes it as 0.15% of the total world population.

Land area?

The total land area of Czech Republic is 77,247 km2 or 29,814 sq. mi. United State is about 125 times bigger. The land of the Czech Republic is slightly smaller than South Carolina.

Map of the Czech Republic


The Czech people are the largest ethnic group in the country. There are many minorities as well, such as Slovaks (1,4%), Poles (<1%), Germans (<1%) or even Vietnams (0,3%).


The most dominated religion is the Roman Catholic (10%), but there are several other churches, such as Evangelical Church of Czech Brethren, Czechoslovak Hussite Church, Eastern Orthodox Church, Jediismus (yep!) or Jehovah’s Witnesses.

Czechs are considered to be the least practising religion. Most of them (about 70%) do not identify with a religious group. Only around 30% tell you they believe in God, 66% do not believe.


The official language is “Czech”, West-Slavic language, closely related to Slovak and Polish. Czechs might also understand Russian if it is spoken slowly (especially the older generation, as Russian was mandatory during the communism). Russian is not that close to West-Slavic languages, as many people assume.


The official currency is the Czech crown (koruna).

The currency code is CZK, and the currency symbol is Kč.

Koruna is one of EU’s 11 currencies, and the Czech Republic is legally bound to adopt the euro currency in the future. But, nobody knows where exactly. According to several surveys, only about 15% of the population would like to replace koruna with the euro.

Coins: 1 Kč, 2 Kč, 5 Kč, 10 Kč, 20 Kč, 50 Kč

Banknotes: 100 Kč, 200 Kč, 500 Kč, 1000 Kč, 2000 Kč, 5000 Kč

Detail of Czech money


Czech Republic has the EU’s lowest unemployment rate, 2,2% (2019). This was before the Covid-19 times…


The average income is about 34 000 CZK per month (1320€, in 2019), the minimum wage is about 13 000 CZK per month (518€) and the average old-age pension is about 14 000 CZK per month (550€).


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