Hope does not die in Terezín. Visit the former Gestapo prison and the Jewish Ghetto Terezín during WW2. Terezín is a fortress built in the 18th century for the defence of the Empire. Later, however, it became infamous as the prison for the Gestapo and Jewish Ghetto during WW2.

Terezín played an important role for Nazis not only as a Ghetto but also as a transit and working concentration camp. Because of the look and layout of a normal city, Terezín was used as a model camp and was even presented to the Red Cross delegation in 1944.

The special part of the Ghetto history is the children that lived here, played here and even took secret drawing classes here. Most of them were sent by train transports to extermination camps further East, but their drawings survived. It is something remarkably touching to see the “regular” life in the concentration camp through the eyes of children.

We cannot forget what happened in the past, and we must know it is important to talk about these sad stories so we do not repeat the same mistakes in the future. It would be my pleasure to tell you some of them.

Sites visited:

  • Ghetto Terezín Museum
  • Hidden synagogue
  • Magdeburg Barracks
  • Small Fortress of Terezín (former Gestapo prison)
  • Cinema with the propaganda movie from 1944


  • Duration: approx.5 hours
  • Guiding service – personal licensed guide (me)
  • Comfortable car with A/C and professional driver

Not included:

  • Entrance fees are to be purchased during the tour
    • Terezin Ghetto and Small Fortress – 220 CZK per person
  • Personal expenses


  • Walking (in Terezín)
  • Private car with driver

What to bring:

  • Comfortable shoes (walking on cobblestones)
  • Umbrella (in case of rain, or to protect from sun)
  • Camera (to take photos)